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Sticker and Tape Action

Sticker and Tape Action

  • Title: Sticker and Tape Action

    Category: Buttons And Icons

    filetype: ATN

    file size: 13.4 kb

    author: panosfx

  • Description:

    Download this free Photoshop action that allows you to create sticker and tape effcts in just a few seconds. The ATN file contains 2 actions: the Round Sticker Action and the Tape Action. The first one generates a round sticker with curly edge from any image, but it has to be bigger than 930px.

    The second action adds a polaroid frame to your image and also a transparent tape. Both are very easy to use and they are free but you have to register to download! (for the preview I have used this stock mage

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Tags: sticker stickers

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