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Lineart Photoshop Action

Lineart Photoshop Action

  • Title: Lineart Photoshop Action

    Category: Photo Effects

    filetype: ATN

    file size: 84.2 kb

    author: dalia

  • Description:

    Here's a Photoshop action I use to separate scanned lineart from the background onto its own layer, so you can color underneath or whatever. Useful for when you accidentally start a drawing on the background layer. I know there's probably a billion different tutorials and actions for this already, but this is what I use.

    When I started drawing with Photoshop I really learned a lot from this definitive guild on how to draw a line in Photoshop. That contains pretty much all techniques you need to know about for doing line art. Also make sure to check out this other free Line Art Photoshop Action.

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