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Halftone Photoshop Action

Halftone Photoshop Action

This halftone Photoshop action can be used to create comics and comic book illustrations using your own drawings and sketches. To obtain the comic book effect, this action adds a halftone pattern over your image using the Halftone Pattern Filter. It comes with two versions, round halftone and square halftone pattern.

The layers are not rasterized so you can easily adjust the opacity of the halftone and even change its color. Free for personal non-commercial use; do not redistribute and if you use it link back to us!

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Comics Action for Photoshop

Comics Action for Photoshop

Comics and comic book illustrations are very popular among artists that create these works from scratch using drawing techniques. Among these techniques are ink drawing, sketches and comics effects like halftone for example. But what if we are not professional artists and still want to obtain this comic book effect from one of our photos? That can be easily obtained in Photoshop using Photoshop actions.

My new comics action turns any image into a comic book illustration in just a few seconds. The ATN file includes 3 comics action versions: two color effect actions and one black and white effect action. The effect is obtained using Photoshop filters, black ink outlines, and color and contrast adjustment layers.

I hope you will enjoy my new Photoshop action that can be downloaded for free. Just remember that all my actions are free for personal non commercial use, attribution required. The redistribution on other websites is NOT allowed!

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