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Text Shadow Generator

Text Shadow Generator

The Text Shadow Generator is Photoshop action that adds a shadow effect to any text layer. All you have to do to make this shadow action work is to write your text and play the action. Make sure that the text layer is your only layer.

After the action is played you have three layers: the text layer with layer styles, the shadow layer and the background layer. All the layers have the layer styles intact so you can adjust the background color, the shadow opacity and the text color as you wish. This Shadow Generator is free for personal non commercial use, it can not be redistributed.

If you use it link back to us!

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Snow Text Photoshop Action

Snow Text Photoshop Action

How to install the action: Download the free snow text Photoshop action and create your own cool snow text effects. After the snow text action is played all the layers remain intact so you can easily change the layer style of the text. And you can also customize a little bit the snow effect.

The action is a 2 step action so that you can customize the text and the font type/size/etc. 1. Put the .A

TN file from the zip in a directory of your choice. It does not need to be in the Photoshop directory. 2.

Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu. 3. Select the action set file from die directory you saved it.

4. Click Load. 5.

Play it.

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Stitched Leather Photoshop Free Action

Stitched Leather Photoshop Free Action

Today's freebie is a stitched leather Photoshop action that you can use to create leather typography with a stitched border. The action can also be used for shapes. It is really easy to use and customize.

You can change the leather color and also the stitch color.

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Comics Text Action

Comics Text Action

In one of my tutorials I have created a simple yet effective comics text effect that can beeasily used in comic book illustrations or any other cartoon graphics. And I have decided to make a quick Photoshop action so that you ca obtain a comic text effect in just a few seconds. The action has two versions, one with only one color that you can easily change.

And the other comic action generates a two color effect one for the text and one for the background. All the layer styles remain intact so you can easily edit this comic book text in terms of color, outline size and so on. You can make lots of variations starting from this point.

If you want to add text to your comic book designs, check out this free pack of comic PNG images from Photoshop Supply. The comics action works ok for text layers and also for rasterized shapes. So if you have a custom shape and you want to add it a comic cartoon effect, make sure you rasterize it first.

The action is free for personal non commercial use only; the redistribution is not allowed. If you feature our action please link back to us.

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Letterpress Text Effect Photoshop Action

Letterpress Text Effect Photoshop Action

This free ATN file contains 5 Photoshop actions for creating letterpress effect or carving effect, depending on what background surface you choose. The press effect looks good on any type of font or background with some small adjustments. How to use this text Photoshop action: install the action in Photoshop and simply play the action.

No need to open a new canvas, the action does that for you. After the text action is played you have two layers: the text layer and the background layer all with Photoshop styles intact. So you can change the text, the font and the layer styles.

This text Photoshop action for letterpress effect or carving effect works great on shapes or rasterized objects, if you copy the layer styles and paste to your shape. Download this great text action for free and create your own letterpress effect in Photoshop.

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Marquee Lights and Showtime Sign Photoshop Actions

Marquee Lights and Showtime Sign Photoshop Actions

This action works best with Marquee Fonts like: Budmo Font, Marquee Font. Also works with hand made Marquee font. You can use it with shapes.

This set contains 2 main Photoshop actions that will allow you to create Marquee lights and Showtime Signs out of any Marquee font and/or shapes. The final result contains easy to edit layers with all the styles intact so that you can customize the appearance.

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Fire Text Photoshop Action

Fire Text Photoshop Action

It is really easy to create fire text in Photoshop if you use our new Fire Photoshop action. With just one click you obtain a realistic fire effect from any text font. It even works with rasterized objects; try with a heart shape for example.

After the fire action is played all the layers remain intact so you can easily change the layer styles. You can even add in the main layer sparkle brushes or fire brushes to make the effect look cooler. If you want to make a quick fire text in Photoshop, using our fire text generator is a perfect solution.

The action has two versions that you can see in the preview image: a yellow softer fire effect and a more brighter fire effect with red tones. You can adjust all the effects. This action was optimized for a 500x500 px canvas so if you have a different size you might have to scale the layer styles in order to look good! You can download the fire generator action for free but you must not use it for commercial purposes, you may not redistribute.

If you use it please link back to our website.

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Candy Photoshop Action Free Download

Candy Photoshop Action Free Download

This candy Photoshop action is a new version of an older action of mine; I have updated the candy action by adding a stripe pattern that you have to install in Photoshop before playing the action. So load the PAT and the ATN files that you will find inside the ZIP file. Open the Actions window from the Window menu and play the action.

The Ps action works for text, shape or rasterized layer. After the action is ended it generates a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer; change the Hue to modify the color of the stripes. All the layers are intact so you can make all sort of adjustments like color, shadow and so on.

Download this Photoshop action for free; the redistribution is not allowed; if you use it or feature it on your blog you have to link back to us. This action was made with CS5 so you might have problems with Photoshop older versions.

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